Exploring the Exciting World of Kids’ Bikes and Accessories

Feb 15, 2024

When your child is old enough to start cycling, it can be a very exciting time, from buying their first bike, to the proud moment when they upgrade to their ‘big’ bike. However, it can sometimes be confusing trying to find which is best for your child. From the frame style, to wheel size, there’s lots to consider to ensure you buy the perfect bike for your little one. With so many options from BMX bikes, mountain bikes, balance bikes, and more! In this blog, we’ll help you understand the different types of kids’ bikes out there so you can ensure every penny counts when it comes to your family’s cycling journey!


Bikes for Toddlers

Balance bikes are a safe step for any 2-3 year old if you’re eager to ease them into cycling. By using their feet to get themselves going, your child will develop their coordination and balance skills,vital for riding bikes as they grow older. You can read more about why your child will love a balance bike here. Below we’ve listed some popular kids’ balance bikes to get started:

Hawk Scoot Balance Bike Green WAS £99.99, NOW £59.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Hawk Scoot balance bike is a lightweight balance bike, equipped with an adjustable saddle, so it grows with your child throughout their development stages. You don’t have to worry about any slips or trips as this comes with an anti-slip deck for easy riding.


Little Town Wooden Balance Bike Grey – WAS £99.99, NOW £39.99 (SALE ENDS SOON) 

Bring your little one’s imagination to life, with a little town wooden balance bike. It’ll take your child on cycling journeys to fantastic, imaginary places! It’s also a great bike to help them get started on balance and coordination skills.



Kids’ Pedal Bikes and Sizing

In case you aren’t aware, kids’ bikes are actually measured by wheel size, rather than frame size. Children grow very quickly, so this needs to be taken into consideration when buying a kids bike. However, if you buy a bike that is too big for your child, you will compromise your child’s safety, and potentially discourage your child from cycling. Your child should feel comfortable on the saddle, be able to easily get on and off, reach the handles and brakes, and reach the pedals without stretching. We have a handy bike sizing guide to help, or we welcome you to pop in-store where our expert staff will be happy to help  find the perfect bike for all your family members.

We have a large selection of kids pedal bikes, ranging from 12” wheels (suitable for 3 year olds) to 24” wheels (suitable for 8/10 year olds). Pedal bikes come in all sorts of styles, from BMX, mountain bikes, road bikes, single speed and more. Below, we’ve listed a few of the popular types of kids pedal bikes.

Kids’ Single-Speed Pedal Bikes

Single speed bikes are the next step for children that have mastered their balancing and coordination skills, and are ready for a bigger bike, but aren’t quite confident using proper gears yet. Single speed pedal bikes only offer one gear; making them fun and straightforward to use. These are available in different styles, from BMX to mountain bikes, and are even available in up to 24 inch wheel sizes. Here are some of our recommendations:

Schwinn Koen 18 inch bikeWAS £164.99, NOW £129.99  (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Schwinn Koen has been designed to tailor a child’s body, meaning that it’ll ensure a much smoother ride for your child. The adjustable saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle make for easy, tool-free adjustments to allow the Schwinn Koen to grow with your child and prepare them for a full-sized bicycle. It’s a perfect bike for learning and having fun while doing so.

Salcano Muki 14 inch bike LilacWAS £259.99, NOW £129.00 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Salcano Multi comes complete with fun pink handlebar tassels, cool doodle graphics, and a dolly seat so they can bring their favourite toy wherever they go. The bike also features anti splash mudguards, and a chain guard to ensure fingers are out of harm’s way.

Kids’ BMX Bikes

A BMX is a good choice for any aspiring daredevil. Although they are single speed bikes, their 20 inch wheels mean that they tend to be more suitable for slightly older children, aged 7+.  BMX bikes are lightweight, allowing your child to perform all sorts of stunts and tricks while also being a great fit for a variety of terrains. See below for our top picks:

Flite Punisher 20 inch Kids BMX bike – WAS £280, NOW £179.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Your daredevil will be the coolest kid in town with the flite punisher. It’s perfect for beginner riders, with a sturdy high-tensile steel frame and oversized tubing and stunt pegs. Its durable alloy mag wheels make it suitable for all sorts of terrains and uses, whether you’re popping down to the shops or heading to the skate park to hit the slopes.

Ammaco Freestyler BMX 20 inch kids BMX bike – WAS £299.99, NOW £159 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Ensure your child is safe and ready for the skatepark with the Ammaco Freestyler. This BMX is equipped with 4 heavy duty trick nuts and a 360 gyro system, allowing the handlebars to complete a 360 degree rotation without the brake cables tangling. The freestyler also features high rise BMX handlebars for a comfortable yet traditional BMX riding position.

Kids multi speed pedal bikes:

As children grow older and become more experienced and confident riders, multi-speed bikes become a great option. These bikes feature multiple gears, allowing its rider to tackle different terrains and adjust their speed accordingly. Multi-speed bikes are available in various styles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes, meaning that there’s an option for all different riding preferences and skill levels. See some of popualr multi-speed bike styles below.

Kids Mountain Bikes

Kids mountain bikes are designed to support young riders while still providing the thrill and adventure of off-road cycling. These often feature multiple gear systems, sturdy frames, and strong suspension systems to absorb all those bumps.

Ammaco Summit 24 inch mountain bike WAS £389.99, NOW 209.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Ammaco Summit is designed to maximise fun! It’s equipped with 18 gears, and full suspension that absorbs any lumps and bumps, making it the perfect bike for epic adventures. It’s finished off with reliable V-brakes, so you can rest assured that your child will be in full control in any condition. With 24 inch wheels, it’s suitable for thrill seekers aged 8/10+.

Cuda Kinetic 24 inch mountain bike – WAS £375, NOW £249.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Cuda Kinetic is a perfect mountain bike for any young rider. Its 24 inch wheels make it suitable for any child aged 8/10+. Equipped with Shimano 18 speed transmission, to give your adventure a wider range of gear ratios. As well as a micro adjust seat post, quick release seat clamp and a front suspension fork. It’s an ideal bike for braving the off-road routes or cycling round the neighbourhood.

Kids cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are everyday bikes designed for leisurely and casual rides. With their comfortable upright riding position, wide handlebars, and cushioned seats, cruiser bikes are perfect for family outings and neighbourhood adventures. These bikes often feature single-speed or multi-speed options, allowing riders to enjoy a relaxed pace whilst exploring.

GT Stomper Ace 20 inch kids bike – Our price £350

Small wheels won’t affect your fun! With the GT Stomper Ac,  riders as young as 7 years old, can enjoy the full off roading experience. The GT stomper ace features a lightweight aluminium frame, a rigid fork, microSHIFT gears, and disc brakes so it rides like a dream.  It’s suitable for all sorts of riders, whether you’re hitting the trails or just popping to the shops.

Sonic Beau 20 inch mountain bike – WAS £250, NOW £149.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Beau 20 inch is fit for those who are keen to embark on fun cycling adventures. It features suspension forks to reduce the bumps and V-brakes to provide confidence when stopping. It also boasts a delicate pastel and floral design for a sophisticated look.

Kids bike accessories

Ensuring a fun ride goes beyond just having a bike, and can be enhanced by some exciting accessories. From safety essentials such as snug-fitting helmets, to fun add ons like custom sound bells, accessories not only personalise your little ones bike but also contribute to safety, comfort, style and even confidence. Check out our top picks below to enhance your kids’ bike:

Seafish kids bike saddle – £9.99

Jazz up their bike with a brand new seafish kids’ bike saddle. Made from a soft rubber cover and a layer of comfortable foam underneath, you can ensure comfort for any young rider. It also fits on any straight seat post, and can be fitted to micro adjustable seats too once the clamp is removed.

Ammaco Spider kids helmet 52-56cmWAS £29.99, NOW £24.99

This eye-catching helmet is made with comfort in mind, with its removable pads and easy to adjust dial-fit system. Perfectly sized for toddlers and young children, it’s a fantastic helmet for young cyclists learning to ride a balance bike or their very first pedal bike.

Rev it up bike exhaust pipe£14.99

The ‘Rev it up’ bike exhaust pipe is an innovative product that could be a perfect present for any thrill seeking cyclist. Featuring cool designs to customise your exhaust, as well as 6 motor sound cards to choose the sound system you desire!

10 LED Light Electric horn redWAS £39.99, NOW £9.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

This is the perfect kids’ bike accessory to make safety fun! Allow your child to customise the light pattern they want for their bike, as well as choosing from 4 siren sounds including lazer, ray gun, siren and alarm!

There’s many different types of kids bikes available, for all sorts of preferences and riding styles. By understanding the various types of kids’ bikes available, you can select a bike that not only fits your child’s needs but also provides a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Whether it’s a balance bike for a toddler or a BMX bike for a budding daredevil, the world of kids’ bikes offers something for every young rider to explore and enjoy.

Visit your local Cycle King & Hawk Cycles’ store where our expert staff can help you find the perfect bike for you child, or use our handy sizing guide to help you shop online today.