Six reasons your child will love a balance bike

Feb 7, 2022

You may have heard of balance bikes and wondered whether they’re worth it. They provide endless benefits to your child’s learning and development, and they’re great for getting your toddlers to places quickly, meeting friends at the park and keeping them entertained when you need a well-earnt break!

Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about balance bikes and whether your toddler will benefit from one (hint: they’ll love it).

Build strength and coordination

Fortunately, balance bikes will keep your toddler entertained for hours. It’s great exercise and will boost your child’s confidence. Not to mention, balance bikes help develop core muscle strength and endurance. Furthermore, balance bikes are great for development in young children. According to Kid Sense Child Development, learning balance and coordination is important for injury prevention, self-regulation, and developing a foundation for future development of fine motor skills.

Balance bike 2Balance bike 3

Perfect gateway to pedal bikes

Do you remember learning to ride your first pedal bike? The frustration and embarrassment every time you toppled over? Balance bikes provide your child with the skills they need to ride a pedal bike. You’ll know when the time is right to upgrade when they outgrow their balance bike. It’s a win-win.


Promotes good health and wellbeing

Children love being outdoors, especially with their families. Balance bikes provide a great opportunity to get the family outdoors for the day and explore the area safely. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your child about road safety from a young age. Balance bikes are great for back gardens, grass, or even hiking trails. They’re completely dynamic.


First taste of independence

Whether your toddler uses their balance bike to ride to nursery, meet up with family and friends, or day-to-day entertainment, it opens a wealth of opportunities. For more tips for keeping your child safe on their first bike, click here.



A safer way to start riding

Balance bikes are a safer way to ride for your little cyclist, helping them gain confidence before progressing to a pedal bike. Browse our range of kids Balance Bikes, perfect for toddlers and children aged 2-4 years. Free home delivery or same-day Click & Collect available.


Go further on family adventures

As the evenings are slowly starting to brighten, many of you, we’re sure, will be keen to get back outdoors with your children. If you’re a parent, grandparent or childminder, you may have thought about taking your young ones with you. If you’re not yet tempted, take a look at our ’10 reasons to cycle with your kids’ blog.

We are more than happy to help your little one pick the best option for them, even if they are more concerned about the pretty colours! Visit one of our stores or shop our range online.