E-Bike Safety Tips: Staying Safe on the Roads with Electric Bikes

Mar 13, 2024

Electric bikes, also known as e-Bikes, have gained huge popularity in recent years, offering a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport. While e-bikes offer several further benefits from your regular non-electric bike, this shouldn’t deter from the most important priority when choosing a bike, riding safety. In this blog, we’ll explore some crucial safety tips to ensure safety is at the forefront of every ride, whilst enjoying your e-bike’s full potential.


1. Know your e-bike

Before embarking on your journey, familiarise yourself with your e-bike’s features. Understand how to adjust the pedal assist levels, operate the brakes, and manage the electric motor. Regularly check your e-bike for any signs of wear and tear, and ensure that it’s properly maintained for optimal performance and safety.


2. Be mindful of your speed

While e-bikes offer assistance with pedaling, it’s essential to stay mindful of your speed. Respect speed limits and adjust your riding pace according to road conditions, traffic flow, and your surroundings. Avoid sudden accelerations or decelerations, especially when navigating congested areas or crowded pathways.


3. Stay visible

Enhance your visibility to other road users by using front and rear lights, reflectors, and hi-vis clothing. Some e-bikes come equipped with built-in lights, but if your chosen e-bike doesn’t, check out our wide range of bikes lights by clicking here. We’ve put together some of our top picks for bike lights and hi-vis clothing below:


Moon LX-100 Front USB Light – WAS £39.99, NOW £29.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

A compact and lightweight light that offers high performance output for all year use,with 5 hours of runtime in just one single charge. Choose from six lighting modes: Overdrive, high, standard, flashing, strobe & SOS.

Reflective Hi-Viz Trouser Clips Pair – WAS £3.99, NOW £1.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Reduce your wind drag, increase your stability and make yourself more visible on the daily commute or weekend ride. A great choice for any commuter!

4. Always wear protective clothing

Wearing protective gear is essential whether you are on a regular bike, or electric bike. It’s worth investing in a good quality helmet that fits you snug, and will protect your head in the case of an accident. Did you know you should replace your helmet every three years, or sooner, to ensure it effectively  absorbs shock from an accident? Check out our top pick adults helmet below:

Ammaco Venti Shield X Road helmet – WAS £89.99, NOW £79.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

This helmet will elevate your safety with Shield X technology, offering enhanced protection. The Shield X liner allows a sliding motion of approximately 10-15mm which helps reduce the impact to your head. It’s designed for those seeking performance, comfort, and natural cooling from a high-quality stylish road cycling helmet.

5. Follow the traffic laws

This is a particularly important rule to follow when cycling on roads. Always pay attention to traffic lights and make sure to stick to cycle lanes to avoid any accidents. If turning, make sure to signal beforehand to make other drivers aware. Be considerate of other road users and pedestrians.


6. Stay alert to obstacles

Be aware of vehicles, pedestrians and other cyclists to avoid a collision. Stay focused and minimise distractions such as music or using your phone whilst riding. Always consider the conditions of the road and adjust your speed accordingly. Keep an eye out for potholes, mud, puddles, leaf piles and be cautious when approaching.

If you’re looking for an efficient way of getting around then an e-bike is a great choice for you. Whether you’re in need of a leisurely ride around town or planning on commuting to work, we’ve got the perfect e-bike for any requirements. Here are some of our top pick e-bikes:

Ampere Deluxe Step Through 700c Wheel electric bike – NOW £1499.00

The Ampere Deluxe is a high spec electric step-through bike at great value. No need to worry about getting up those hills, this bike packs a powerful rear hub 250W motor able to climb any hill. With an integrated battery, the Ampere deluxe is a slick and stylish e-bike. It’s also equipped with built-in lights, a large LED screen and fully hydraulic Shimano brakes.

Emu Roam Crossbar 700c Wheel Electric Bike – WAS £1149.00, NOW £999.99 (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

The Emu Roam Crossbar offers two battery options. One is the 10.4Ah, which offers a 45-mile range in a single charge. The other is 14Ah which offers a 55-mile range in a single charge. It’s both reliable and cost-effective and doesn’t require excessive pedaling to reach your destination. It is also equipped with front and rear mudguards, Tektro brakes, and puncture-resistant CST tyres for increased safety.

We also have a handy e-bike user guide which provides lots of useful information about e-bikes, how to look after the battery and how to maintain the bike itself. You can check it out here.

As e-bikes continue to grow in popularity, prioritising safety should be the main concern for all riders. By following these essential safety tips and exercising caution on the road, you can enjoy the many benefits of electric cycling while minimising the risk of accidents or injuries. You can browse our selection of electric bikes here, or visit your local Cycle King & Hawk Cycles’ store today. Find your local store here.