The stress-free way to gift a bike this Christmas!

The stress-free way to gift a bike this Christmas!

Bikes provide your child with a sense of independence, whilst also encouraging your children to enjoy exercise and embrace going outdoors. Although they are exciting gifts to receive, if not gifted correctly, they can come with the added stress of managing excess finances and the dreaded storing of presents until the big day. That’s where our Christmas Savings Club comes in handy. Let us do the hard work for you!


What is the Christmas Savings Club?

Our Christmas Savings Club allows you to reserve a kids bike with just a small £10 initial deposit. We will reserve the bike, assemble it, and hide it away until the big day. It’s a great way to avoid any disappointment this festive period.

You can pay the remaining balance whenever suits you choosing from a wide variety of payment plans. With flexible payments and no credit checks, what’s there to lose? This year, we’ve even included a FREE pre-service and first service, meaning that you’re getting even more for your money!

All you need to do is choose a bike that you want to reserve, pay the deposit and we’ll take it from there!

Top Picks

Schwinn Cimarron 20 Inch Wheel Kids Bike Blue – £229.99 (on sale for £169.99)

The Schwin cimarron is an ideal bike for any adventure-seeking child! Equipped with 7-speed microshift gears, front suspension, 24-inch wheels and a stylish mountain bike frame – this bike is set to be winner this Christmas!



Schwinn Mist 20 Inch Wheel Kids Bike Teal Green – £169.99 (on sale for £109.99)

The Schwinn Mist is great for any young child wanting to get outdoors this Christmas. With eye-catching pink floral graphics and colour matched accessories, you can be sure your child will feel cool and stylish! What makes this bike stand out is that its geometry has been completely tailored to better match a child’s body type. This helps create a more comfortable ride for you child, ensuring they feel confident and comfortable

Cuda Kinetic 24 Inch Wheel Kids Mountain Bike Green – £375 (On sale for £249.99)

The Cuda Kinetic is perfect for any little adrenaline seeker! It’s equipped with a micro adjust seat post, quick release seat clamp, front suspension fork and 18 speed transmission helping your child power through the hills! Your child will love the thrill they get from this bike.


 Schwinn Koen 16 Inch Wheel Kids BMX Bike Red – £154.99 (on sale for £99.99)

The Schwinn Koen is the perfect bike for any little rider seeking adventure. It comes with removable stabilisers, a seat handle, and is easily adjustable! All while keeping that trendy BMX style. It has also been re-designed to tailor a child’s body, meaning that it’ll ensure a much smoother ride for your child.



Oxford 48-54cm Junior Dinosaur Helmet Blue – £24.99

Always make sure your child is safe while riding their bike! A helmet is an absolute must when gifting a bike. Helmets don’t have to be boring! We have a wide range of helmets, in different colours and styles.


Set of 33 Star Shaped Spokey Dokeys – £4.99 (on sale for £3.99)

Elevate your child’s style with some Spokey Dokeys! Not only do they look pretty, but your child will have so much fun mixing these about to create their dream wheels. They’re easy to clip on and change whenever they want to customise their ride.


Ammaco 3 sounds fun horn blue – £9.99 (on sale for £8.99)

Make safety fun, with the Ammaco  fun horn! It comes with a choice of 3 loud sounds: Whistle, hooter, and ringer. This bell will encourage safety form your child, while still letting them have some fun!



Ammaco Handlebar Colourful Streamers Blue – £6.99

Decorate your child’s bike with these brilliant streamers! They come in choice of blue or pink/silver and make the perfect addition to make any child’s bike stand out.


How to reserve a bike?

You can reserve a bike by visiting your local store, where our friendly staff will help you secure the best Christmas gifts for your little one. Alternatively, if you’re certain which bike is ‘the one’, you can reserve online through the ‘Click & Collect’ option on our online checkout.

Your local store will be in contact to discuss payment and collection dates.


There’s nothing to lose, so why wait! Find a bike that you love and surprise your loved ones this Christmas with our Christmas savings club!



The Cycle King & Hawk Cycles’ festivities don’t stop there! View our ‘Christmas Gift guide for cyclists’ for gifting inspiration for those hard-to-buy from family members. You can also check out our recent social media post, for how to wrap a bike this Christmas!


Prices correct as of 10/10/2023.

Christmas gifts for cyclists

Christmas gifts for cyclists

Choosing the right Christmas gift can be tricky, and it’s even harder when your loved ones are all out of ideas! Whether you’re looking for the perfect Secret Santa present, or a cycling gift to surprise that special someone, our gift guide is sure to help. We’ve rounded up our top cycling gifts and stocking fillers, the best bikes for surprising your kids this Christmas, and a guide to our top picks of Men’s and Women’s bikes and e-bikes for an adventure filled 2024.

Cycling stocking fillers & Christmas gifts

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved ones or struggling to find the perfect gift for a cycling enthusiast who has everything, fear not. There are plenty of accessories and additions that we’re sure they’ll love, which will make the perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.


Wearing a helmet is a key part of safe cycling, which is why this is a great gift to protect your loved ones this Christmas. It’s important that a cycling helmet is well fitted. If you are unsure about sizing, our expert in-store team can offer advice as to the most suitable size. Feel free to visit us in store for more information.

Oxford F15 Helmet in Blue


Oxford Urban BMX 53-59cm Green



Whether you are buying for a stylish cyclist, or someone looking for comfort and safety, specialist cycling clothing can make an ideal gift. For those who cycle regularly, base layers and cycling trousers offer warmth and protection from the bad weather. Cycling jackets and sunglasses are both practical and stylish, and our range of reflective and hi-vis cycling clothing are perfect for those dark winter days and worthwhile buys for any commuter.

Our top picks for cycling wear:

Giant cycling long sleeve Jersey


Lycra cycling shorts coolmax padding


M-WAVE rayon sunglasses grey


Pumps & Accessories

For the avid cyclist, a CO2 cylinder refill or and compact hand pump is an essential tool to have on-hand should they get a flat tyre. Our top picks include:

Genuine innovations small saddle bag tyre inflation CO2 kit
Raleigh travel workshop kit



For cyclists at any level, a secure bike lock is sure to be a useful and practical gift. There are many different varieties, such as cable, hoop, and U-locks to name a few, which all offer different storage and compatibility options. View the full range of bike locks here or check out our top picks:

Oxford hoop 4 cable lock 4mm x 600mm red
Oxford sentinel plus 14mm X 320mm U-lock in black


Water bottles

Water bottles and bottle racks can be an ideal stocking filler, whether you’re looking for a more stylish upgrade, or simply a replacement for a well-used bottle, we have a wide range of styles to choose from. View the full range here, or check out our top picks below:

XLC BC-S06 side loading bottle cage


Zefal sense soft 80 bottle 800ml black


Kids’ accessories

There are plenty of add-ons to kids’ bikes that any little elf would love for Christmas. Why not gift a fun addition to a kids bike, such as a bike bell or horn, or even one of our special electric varieties which make 3 different sounds.


If their stuffed animals like to come along for the ride, a cute seat for their little friends would make for a really nice addition to their bike. Imagine the fun they’d get out of going on an adventure with their favourite toys this Christmas. View our full range of kids bike accessories here.


For the loved one who has everything

If you’re still not certain as to what would be the perfect gift for Christmas, then maybe a gift voucher is the way to go. Pick the value of your gift card from £10, £20, and £50 vouchers, redeemable both in-store and online.


The best kids’ bikes for Christmas

Balance Bikes (£39.99 – £119.99)

If you’re buying for a young child (2 – 4 years old), a balance bike is sure to light up their Christmas morning. The perfect “first bike”, balance bikes are great for toddlers, as they are a great way of getting them ready to move onto a peddle bike once they get a bit bigger. You can view our full range of balance bikes here – Our top picks for balance bikes are:

Hawk scoot balance bike green


Ammaco flow magnesium balance bike


(£39.99 – £169.99)

We stock big wheel and mini scooters that are sure to encourage any child to get outside and explore. From brushing up on pro tricks, to cruising around the park, a scooter is sure to bring a lot of fun throughout the year. Check out our full range of big-wheel and mini scooters here.

Our top picks for this Christmas are:

Sullivan lean and glide tri scooter rocket fuel


Professional scoot-x 10 inch wheel scooter orange


Invert supreme 1-7-12 stunt scooter black/neon purple


Boys’ and Girls’ bikes (£89.99+)

From cycling to school, to family bike rides and adventures with friends, a new bike is sure to keep them fit and healthy whilst having fun! Suitable for 4 to 10 years+, we have a great selection of kids’ bikes for both boys’ and girls’ that are sure to delight and bring joy this Christmas. Our top picks are below:

Salcano Cherry girls bike 16 inch (suitable for 5-6 years)


Professional Rock Face 20 inch bike (suitable for 7 years+)


Top Men’s bikes for 2024

Ammaco Axxis Mountain Bike

The Ammaco Axxis is perfect for those looking for an easy-to-ride bike. The single speed feature means you can simply get your helmet and go. The bike also offers all standard mountain bike features such as good suspension, a nifty kickstand, and disc brakes.


Salcano XRS077 Road Sports Bike Green

If your loved one is more of a road bike enthusiast, the Salcano XRS077 is a great choice. Coming equipped with 14 speeds, this incredibly versatile bike is great for exploring.


Chill-e Low Step Folding Electric Bike Orange

A good bike for commuting is essential, so why not add some oomph with an electric folding bike. A folding electric bike is perfect for saving space and energy, making the daily commute that little bit easier.


Top Women’s bikes for 2024

Worchester Lifestyle Bike Mint Green

The Worchester lifestyle bike is perfect for leisurely rides, combining comfort and effortless style. From visiting the seaside and cycling along the front, to taking a leisurely ride around town, this bike ticks all the boxes. The front basket and pannier rack are handy additions, too. University students really gravitate towards this bike for the style and convenience it offers.

Ammaco pathway X1 sports hybrid bike grey

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, the Ammaco Pathway is a fantastic investment. This sports hybrid bike is ideal for road cycling and mountain biking, perfect for a simple commute or for getting muddy in woodland bike tracks!


Ampere tourer s electrical bike teal

This bike’s very powerful motor certainly can deliver, with a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge. In addition, the whole frame is very lightweight coming in at 22kg – it’s sure to provide both comfort and performance on any road or trail.


These are just some of our top picks, so be sure to check out our to full range of men’s and women’s bikes here.

Visit us in any of our 23 stores nationwide so that we can tailor your recommendations and get the right gift ready for the big day.

Bike size guide

For kids, we have an easy way of determining what size would most likely suit them best by segmenting our catalogue into age ranges.

In addition, every kids’ bike product includes the wheels size in the description, making it easier to navigate and find the best fit. You must remember that kids are always growing, but this doesn’t mean you should buy a bike that is far too large for them. It’s unsafe for them to cycle around on a bike larger than they should ride, so keep this in mind when purchasing.


For adults, and kids reaching the 10 –11 age range, it’s the frame size that is measured instead of the wheel size. The frame measurement is typically taken from the centre of the bottom bracket, right to the top of the seat tube for reference.

Instead of the general assumption of age, a person’s height is considered to find the right bike. Our products in-store and online clearly highlight the frame size.


Guide Your Child to Cycling Success: Ditch Stabilizers Confidently

Guide Your Child to Cycling Success: Ditch Stabilizers Confidently

Learning to ride a bike becomes a core memory for many children. It’s an exciting milestone, not only for children but also for parents. It’s a skill that brings a sense of independence, especially when the stabilisers are removed. Knowing when to remove the stabilisers and understanding the right bike size is crucial in making this transition smooth.

We’ve put together this guide to help you introduce the idea of cycling without stabilisers and building your child’s confidence on a bike.


Why is it important to ditch stabilisers?

Stabilisers offer stability and balance, making them a key attribute when children are first learning to ride a bike. They help build confidence, encouraging children to continue learning. However, if used for too long, they can hinder a child’s ability to develop balancing skills.


When should I remove my child’s stabilisers?

Deciding when to remove stabilisers depends on the child’s individual progress. Typically, most children are ready to have stabilisers removed between ages 4 and 6. Look out for these signs to see if your child is ready:

  1. Balancing: If they can balance on their bike while coasting, with their feet off the ground, they’re likely ready.
  2. Confidence: Are they willing to try riding without stabilisers? If yes, then try it!
  3. Basic pedalling: They should be comfortable pedalling, starting and stopping on their own.


How can I make the transition to no stabilisers easier?

  1. Choose the right location: Find a safe, flat and open area to practice riding.
  2. Lower the saddle: Adjust the saddle to a height where the child’s feet can touch the ground comfortably.
  3. Keep it slow: Begin with short, gentle pushes and focus on balance. Take breaks if they need to!
  4. Encourage steering: Introduce steering and turning as they gain more confidence.
  5. Practice makes perfect: Regular practice will help a child to master riding without stabilisers.


How to choose the correct bike for your child?

Childrens’ bikes are measured by wheel size, rather than by frame size. Children do grow very quickly, so this will need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right bike. If the bike is too big for the child, their safety will be compromised and will most likely discourage the child from cycling. Check out our handy guide on kids bike sizing here.

Important points to consider when choosing the right bike for a child:


  1. Comfort and feel: Ensure your child feels comfortable on the saddle, can easily get on and off, can reach the handles and breaks, and that they can reach the pedals without stretching.
  2. Adjustability: Look for bike with adjustable saddles and handlebars to accommodate your child’s growth.
  3. Test ride: If possible, have your child test ride the bike to check comfort and fit.


Kids’ bikes for those starting off

We have a large selection of kids’ bikes, with 12-inch wheel bikes starting from £199.99. If you’re stuck on which bike is best for you child, visit your local Cycle King store and our friendly staff will assist.

Boys’ bikes


Professional Spider Boys 12 Inch Wheel Kids Bike Black£199.99 (on sale for £109.99)

The spacious large rear basket and low step frame makes it easy to operate and carry your shopping back home or if you are heading into work with a rucksack and laptop bag, you won’t have to carry it all the way on your back, thanks to the large basket at the rear.

Ammaco Rocky 14 Inch Wheel Kids Bike Green and Black£219.99 (on sale for £129.99)

This starter bike really packs a punch! With a hi-tensile steel frame and forks, powerful V-brakes, BMX style handlebars, your child will be the coolest kid in the village! It’s worthwhile noting safety features such as enclosed chainguards, to keep those little fingers away. Stabilisers are easily removeable, whenever you are ready.


Ammaco-Rocky-14-Inch -Wheel-Kids

Girls’ Bikes

Professional Miami Miss 12 Inch Kids Bike Pink and Purple£199.99 (on sale for £119.99)

The perfect bike for any princess! You can ensure safety and durability with this bikes steel frame, calliper breaks and enclosed chain guard. Equipped with adjustable stabilisers, so you can raise them or remove them whenever your little lady is ready! The best part? There is a rear dolly seat to keep her favourite dolly safe at all times.



Ammaco Misty Girls 14 Wheel Kids Bike White and Purple £219.99 (on sale for £114.99)

The Ammaco Misty girls bike is perfect for any little girl, keen for an adventure. It’s lightweight but built just like an adult bike, to ensure durability. With steel frames, front and rear v-brakes and adjustable stabilisers.



Riding without stabilisers can be daunting at first, for both children and parents. By understanding when to make the transition and ensuring your child’s bike is right for them, you can make the experience much more enjoyable. Remember, patience and encouragement are key in helping your child become a confident and skilled cyclist. Try to pick a flat route to keep everyone happy, bring snacks and take lots of breaks. The most important thing is to have fun cycling! Before you know it, you’ll be cycling to the school runs instead of driving.


Pop into your local Cycle King store, where your child can try out different bikes, and our friendly expert staff will be able to help you in finding the perfect bike for your child. We even have an in-store height chart! Also check out our blog on keeping your child safe on their bike for more tips and information.


Prices correct as of 18/09/2023.


Adult Tricycles and Bicycles: What’s the difference?

Adult Tricycles and Bicycles: What’s the difference?

Contrary to popular belief, tricycles aren’t only for children. We’ve seen that trikes are becoming more and more popular as they are great for those who might not be in their cycling prime or have mobility issues. 


Who are tricycles designed for?


Trikes are built for cyclists that feel uneasy on two wheels. Many people in the 70+ demographic favour trikes for this very reason. We find that buyers have often become less confident or struggle to cycle with the aches and pains they face daily.

So, if you’re in need of a method of transport that offers extra support and storage, then look no further.


What are the main differences between a tricycle and a bicycle?


  •  The number of wheels:

    Three wheels is of course sturdier that two. Individuals that struggle with keeping their balance would hugely benefit from an extra wheel. Getting on and off becomes easier too, especially when a tricycle has a low step frame.

    In addition, tricycles are built lower than a standard bike, so it will be easier to maintain your position with a lower sense of gravity.


  • Back support: 

    Riding on 3 wheels puts less pressure on your back, meaning you can ride for longer without experiencing as much pain than you might on a normal bike. The added support is sure to make your cycling trips far more enjoyable.

    You can also upgrade your seat to one which is padded for extra bottom support. We have seats designed with comfort in mind that are easily swappable with most tricycles.


  • Inclines made easier:

    The extra support means that you won’t need as much effort when going up a hill, unlike being on a bicycle.

    As mentioned before, the added stability makes the need to actively balance a thing of the past, so you can put all your concentration on getting up that hill and reaching the end of your ride.


  • Brakes:

    Each bike must have 2 sets of independent breaks to comply with road regulations, and this is no different for a tricycle.

    The main difference here is that the back set of wheels on a tricycle requires another kind of brake, a drum brake (as shown here). It might take a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but it’ll feel normal soon enough.

    There are a range of trikes that use a variety of brakes, so when selecting yours be sure to investigate what kind of brakes it uses. Our in-store team will be there to answer any questions.



Ammaco Free and Easy 26 Inch Wheel Adult’s Trike £599.99

The spacious large rear basket and low step frame makes it easy to operate and carry your shopping back home or if you are heading into work with a rucksack and laptop bag, you won’t have to carry it all the way on your back, thanks to the large basket at the rear.

Mission E-bike Electric Adult Tricycle Black £1,965.00

Do you need a tricycle with the potential to carry a lot more than just shopping? This model does all that and more in a sleek black finish.

The ‘pedal- assist’ function works exceptionally well. The motor starts when pedalling begins, providing a safe, comfortable ride with an adjustable speed up to 15mph- the legal limit. Just one charge will cover a distance of around 20 miles on level ground on the highest setting, and further on lower settings.




Mission E-Mission Electric Adult Tricycle Silver- £1965.00

Not a fan of black? You’ll be pleased to know this customer-favourite comes in silver too!


Adult Trikes Safety Tips

Before buying a tricycle, it’s important to know that there are risks when riding one in comparison to a normal bike.


Trikes can be hard for motorists to see

Since they’re lower set, it can make it a bit harder for people in motor vehicles on the road to see you. This is more of an issue for recumbent tricycles, ask at your local store to find a solution for you.

You can invest in accessories such as flags and lights to improve your tricycle’s visibility on the road.


Turn carefully

A trike can be a bit tricky to turn in if you’re not used to it, so be sure to take your time and get used to manoeuvring before riding on the road.

Try using yours in a park or on a quiet road first before making the leap onto a busy one – it’ll improve your confidence and make your ride much more enjoyable (and safe).


Browse our full range of adult trikes at Cycle King and Hawk Cycles.

Or if you prefer to view our range and try them out in person, simply visit any of our 23 stores where our friendly team will be available to offer advice and help you choose the right one.

Best budget hybrid bikes in 2023 for under £500

Best budget hybrid bikes in 2023 for under £500

In the ever-expanding world of cycling, navigating the vast array of hybrid bikes to find the perfect one can be a daunting task. Budget-conscious enthusiasts are seeking the ideal hybrid bike that seamlessly blends versatility, performance, and affordability. Let’s explore the best budget hybrid bikes in 2023 for under £500 available exclusively from Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, your local family bike shop.

With countless options available, our quest to discover the best hybrid bike on a budget promises to unravel a treasure trove of cutting-edge technologies and exceptional value. So, saddle up, as we embark on the adventure to uncover hybrid biking excellence, tailored for the cyclist who refuses to compromise on quality or price.


Why pick a hybrid bike?

  • Hybrid bikes are by far one of the most versatile forms of cycling. They can be ridden on both smooth city surfaces and low to moderately rough terrains such as gravel paths.
  • Built with comfort in mind, hybrid bikes are usually equipped with comfortable padded seats and an upright handlebar making for a more relaxed riding position than a road of mountain bike and gives the rider a better visibility and control whilst riding.
  • Many hybrid bikes will be equipped with frame mounts either to the rear of the bike or on the front fork giving you the option to add carrier racks so you can take luggage on your ride.








Types of hybrid bike

  • A classic hybrid bike is designed for general-purpose riding, providing a comfortable and versatile option for commuting, leisurely rides, and light off-road trails. These bikes typically feature a more upright riding position, wider tyres for stability, and a focus on comfort and durability. Classic hybrid bikes prioritise functionality and practicality over high-performance features.
  • Sports hybrid bikes are similar to flat bar road bikes, though the riding position is more upright. They will usually be built up on an aluminium frame which not only makes for a lightweight ride but also resistant to rust. Sports hybrids are lighter in weight, making them ideal for fitness riding, urban cycling and commuting.

Our top picks for 2023

Here are our top hybrid bikes under £500 that deliver by quality and affordability for the perfect ride! Please note that the prices quoted in this article are correct as of 22 June 2023


Classic hybrids on a budget


Professional Metropolitan Commuter Hybrid Bike £219.99

A compelling option for riders seeking a versatile and stylish two-wheeled companion. This sturdy steel construction means it’s easy to maintain and ride and also features lightweight 700c wheels for fast acceleration with smoother tyres for more comfortable riding on both roads and bike trails.

Salcano Istanbul Commuter Hybrid Bike Cream £479.99

A delightful blend of elegance and functionality, this sturdy construction ensures durability on urban streets. With a wide host of components included, from front and gear mudguards, a comfortable saddle, and a rear carrier with straps and ergonomic grips, this bike is designed to deliver a smooth and enjoyable commuting experience, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking both style and practicality whilst touring, commuting and running into town at the weekends.




Sports hybrids on a budget

Ammaco Pathway X1 Sports’ Hybrid Bike – £279.99

A firm favourite for cycling enthusiasts on a budget – this star buy is ideal for commuting or leisure, with a comfortable and easy-to-mount step through frame. This sports hybrid can be ridden on both smooth city surfaces and low-to-moderately rough terrains such as gravel paths.

Not too dissimilar to the classic hybrid, sports hybrid bikes are the ideal commuting ride with their robust construction and keen handling.

As featured on our social media.

Falcon Urban Low Step Sports Hybrid Bike Orange£169.99

Overcome the steepest of hilly commutes with the powerful alloy v-brakes designed to keep the rider in full control. The Falcon bike is suitable for cycling on the road, or gentle off-road riding at the weekend too.

This option has basic SunRun gears hence the bargain price. Our team will always be happy to take you through the options available to you.


Cycle King & Hawk Cycles everyday low prices range offers a remarkable opportunity for budget-conscious enthusiasts to purchase mens and womens hybrid bikes. With a diverse selection available, customers can find the perfect blend of performance, style and affordability. By choosing Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, riders embark on their cycling adventures with confidence, knowing that they’ve made a smart investment without compromising on quality.

Are you ready to choose your hybrid bike? Choose click and collect and your bike will be ready within 1 hour for collection from your nearest local store – why wait, let’s go riding today!

How to clean your bike after a wet and muddy ride

How to clean your bike after a wet and muddy ride

We’re sure you’ll agree that the ‘new bike’ feeling is worth bottling up to enjoy all day, every day.  Our step-by-step guide will keep your bike looking fresh and brand new, even after the muddiest of rides!

It’s crucial to clean your bike regularly to keep it working smoothly and improve the longevity of your bike. Any built-up dirt will wear through moving parts if left long enough. Please also note the importance of cleaning your bike, whatever the weather! You must ensure regular cleaning of your bike throughout the year. Frequent washing will help to minimise energy wasted through unnecessary friction.

Before you start, make sure you have the essentials. Here’s a shortlist of the basics you will need:

  • A bucket
  • Bike cleaner
  • Bike de-greaser
  • Brushes and cloths
  • Lubricant

Check out our range of bike cleaners, de-greasers and lubricants online to get started. Other products that might be useful include:

  • Specialist polishes
  • A work stand

Step-by step bike cleaning guide:


  1. Rinse your bike using warm, soapy water. The easiest way of doing this is to use a bucket and sponge to avoid high pressure. If you decide to use a garden hose, avoid spraying directly at fragile areas such as the hub (centre) of your wheels, the headset and the cranks and bottom bracket. Warning: Apply caution when cleaning an electric bike to avoid water entering the battery, motor or controls.

  3. Clean your drivetrain using our chain cleaning machine to remove any grease and grime. Remember to brush some de-greaser/drivetrain cleaner onto the other oily parts of your bike such as the cassette and derailleurs. Finish by rinsing your chain and making sure you have removed all de-greaser. This ensures the smooth riding of your bike and so, is a crucial step!

  5. Now it’s time to clean the rest of the bike. This includes the common touchpoints of the bike i.e., the handlebars, brake levers, gear shifters and saddle. Either use a bike cleaning spray to cover your bike and then work away the dirt or use a sponge and some hot water to remove as much as you can. When dealing with disc brakes, it’s ideal to use disc brake cleaner for the pads and rotors. Avoid getting the spray onto other parts of your bike.

  7. Dry with a clean rag/cloth to ensure water does not sit in the bike and cause rust. Focus especially on bolt heads, which are most likely to be missed. Make sure your drivetrain is clean and dry, ahead of step 5.

  9. Re-lube: It’s essential that you re-lubricate your bike before riding or storage. Failure to do so can leave your drivetrain vulnerable to rusting and run the risk of it seizing up. Start by moving the pedals backwards whilst applying the lube to the inside of your chain’s rollers. Use a rag to wipe off any extra on the outside of your drive train which, may attract dirt and grime to your bike. Warning: Be sure not to get any lube onto your braking surfaces.

Now you know the basics; the rest is down to you! Make sure you keep on top of regular cleaning to get the best out of your bike. Shop our range of bike cleaning products here. Cleaning your bike is a handy time to carry out full-bike maintenance. You can check out our helpful bike maintenance guide here.