6 simple changes for a healthier lifestyle this year

Jan 10, 2022

‘New Year, new me’. We’ve all said it, but how many of us are able to make sustained changes to our lives as we turn our calendars to a new year?

The start of January can sometimes feel overwhelming, with the pressure to set resolutions or make dramatic changes to our lives, but it doesn’t need to be this way. If you’re ready to lead a happier and healthier life in 2022, our list of 6 reasonable and simple steps will help. Whether you tick off all six or try one or two, we’re confident you’ll notice a positive change!

1. Regular exercise

You probably don’t need us to tell you that exercising has a whole multitude of benefits. It improves your physical health and fitness and the way you think and feel.

If hitting the gym or getting out for a run is your thing, we’re sure you’ve got this one covered. But, if you’re struggling to find time around a busy work life or being a taxi to the little ones, we’re here to help:

– Walk or cycle to school/work instead of the car or public transport

– Organise your kids’ playdates to take place at the park – lots of running (and fun!) guaranteed

– Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier for a quick morning stroll

– Exercise while watching TV, our home trainers are great for this!

– Take the stairs instead of the lift

– Get moving in your lunch hour or suggest a walking meeting with a colleague

– Meet with friends for a walk or fitness class rather than coffee or dinner

– Park further away than you need to. You’ll thank us later for that extra stroll.

2. Develop healthy sleeping habits

After all that exercise, you might think you’ll be more than ready to sleep. However, a surprising estimate of 4 in 5 Brits get less than the ideal 8 hours of sleep a night! If you’re guilty of cutting short your forty winks, let’s explore some of the reasons you might want to change this.

A good night sleep can:

· Reduce stress

· Improve your mood

· Help you concentrate for longer

· Improve your memory

· Better control your weight

· Keep your heart healthy

· Allow your body to rest and repair

· Benefit your relationships

3. Stay hydrated and eat well

A healthy diet is imperative to feeling good. Try to get your 5 a day (and beyond) and keep your diet well-balanced. This gives your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and energised to get you through the day.

As well as eating well, always try to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is a good way to do this, especially while exercising. If you’re out on your bike, attach a bottle cage to its frame to prevent dehydration. This is particularly important in the summer months!

4. Look after your mental health

When thinking about improving your lifestyle, don’t forget your mental health. To establish a happier and healthier life, it’s just as important to look after our minds as it is our bodies.

We suggest a useful place to start is doing something meaningful each day. For example, it might be meaningful for you to call a friend or read a good book. Whatever brings you joy, attempt to find a little more time to introduce it into your day. For us, we love taking the scenic route on a daily bike ride!

Similarly, limit anything that does the opposite of bring joy. For example, overconsumption of the news or your social media feeds might not be the best use of your time. Reducing your screen time, in general, can have a whole host of benefits!

Another great step to take is to practice gratitude for the things we have rather than what we do not. Try writing a quick morning gratitude list to appreciate what is present in your life.

5. Improve your relationships

As human beings, relationships are often an integral part of our day to day lives. Whether with friends, family or colleagues – positive relationships can benefit our lifestyles.

Spending time with loved ones is a fantastic way to feel good. You could even tick off two things on our list and invite them out for some exercise! Bike ride anyone?

6. Get started today!

It’s time to get your healthier lifestyle going and, there’s no time like the present! Why not make just one small change today? Try taking the stairs over the elevator or calling a friend for a catch-up!

Making small changes each day is the best way to persevere with your healthier lifestyle. Don’t overwhelm yourself all at once, and be patient with any setbacks. You’ve got this!

At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we like to practice what we preach! That’s why family, mental wellbeing and exercise are such integral parts of our team. We love providing bikes to local families and hearing how they help you create healthier lifestyles!

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