How to Safely Cycle in the Winter

Jan 26, 2023

Winter can be a tricky season for cyclists. The short days and cold weather often means that cyclists are out on the roads when visibility is low, and the roads are more dangerous. Lack of preparation when cycling increases your chances of being involved in an accident.

In this blog, we’ll share with you some tips on how to stay safe when out cycling this winter and some products that we recommend to any and every cyclist.

The Importance of Visibility

Making sure that you’re visible is essential for cyclists to stay safe…

It helps ensure that you are seen by motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists when riding in low-light conditions. Furthermore, wearing bright colours or reflective materials helps to make sure that your movements on the road are more visible. This could be especially beneficial if there are any obstacles in your path that may not be visible to drivers until it is too late.

It’s also worth noting that the UK’s highway code legislation requires cyclists over a certain age to wear a reflective vest or similar item while riding their bikes at night time. You are also legally obliged to have front and rear lights and reflectors attached when riding in low-light conditions.

Even if you are cycling during the day, or as it begins to turn to dusk, it’s still a good idea to wear something bright to draw attention to yourself and help to prevent accidents on the road.

Essential reflective accessories

We recommend that you equip yourself with these accessories when using your bike in low light.

Bike Lights

Good quality front and rear bike lights are essential for making your presence known on the roads. In the UK, your front lights must be white and rear lights red to be in compliance with legislation.

Flashing lights are permitted, but it is recommended that cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp to improve their visibility. At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we have a great selection of bike lights which will help you stay visible while cycling in low-light conditions. Below are a few of our top recommendations.


Reflectors are a very handy addition to any bike, as they are relatively easy to install and don’t require any external power source to do their job.

Plenty of the bikes we stock come ready to ride with reflectors fitted, but can be easily upgraded for better peace of mind when cycling.

What Should You Wear When Cycling in The Winter?

There are a few different types of high-visibility clothing available on the market today, designed to help keep you safe.

From simple yellow vests with reflective strips to more elaborate designs with fluorescent patterns, there’s something practical for every cyclist. Not only does reflective clothing help you stay safe, but also gives you an opportunity to show off your style!

Wear a Helmet Light

Helmet lights are a great way of increasing your own visibility and improving your vision of what’s ahead on the road. Front lights throw a bright beam onto the road ahead which helps you spot obstacles such as potholes, and rear lights add an extra bit of visibility for the benefit of other road users, perfect for staying safe while commuting at night or during wintery conditions.

You can even equip your helmet with a fluorescent cover, or alternatively, you could invest in a high-visibility helmet to improve the safety of your bike ride. These small changes all add to make your journey that bit safer during the winter.

USB Front and Rear bike helmet lightRear Helmet LightsHi-Vis Cycling Helmet Cover

Invest in Quality Clothing

It’s also important to invest in quality clothing if you plan to cycle throughout the winter season. Make sure that your clothing is waterproof and windproof so that it keeps you warm and dry during wet weather conditions or cold temperatures. We offer an extensive range of protective cycling clothing and accessories which will help keep you comfortable even when temperatures drop below zero!

Hi-Vis Vests

Vests are probably the most common type of high-visibility clothing worn by cyclists; they come in various colours and sizes. A vest is easily compactable, making it a lightweight addition to a commuter’s work bag without comprising space and are very affordable. Click the images to take you straight to our recommended vests.

Hi Vis Cycling VestCompactable Cycling Vests

Fluorescent Jackets

Fluorescent jackets are also available, which can be equipped with fleece insulation and additional zip pockets. If you need something that is sure to keep you warm, then investing in a fleece is certainly the way to go.

Fleece Lined Hi Vis Cycling JacketsCompactable Hi Vis Cycling Jackets

Cycling safety should always be a priority, especially during the winter months you are more likely to encounter dangerous cycling conditions. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your bike rides remain safe regardless of the weather conditions this winter season!

If you’re looking for quality hi-vis cycling clothing or bike lights, make sure to check out our full range here at Cycle King & Hawk Cycles!