The Hybrid Bike Buyer’s Guide

Apr 5, 2023

For someone who wants a lot of choice when it comes to cycling terrain, a hybrid bike is a very good option.

In this blog, we’ll be going into some more detail on what you should be looking for in your brand-new hybrid bike, as well as some of our suggestions to get you started. But firstly, we’ll talk a bit more on what hybrids actually are.

What are Hybrid Bikes?

Hybrid bikes are an in-between bike, incorporating the best parts of both mountain and road bikes. We find that people who like to use their bikes for a wide range of activities from commuting to fitness activities really fall in love with their hybrid bike. So whether it be on a busy urban commute, or even trekking through woodlands, a hybrid is a great all-rounder kind of bike.


What makes a good Hybrid Bike?

Apart from the versatility, there are a few characteristics you should look out for when making your purchase.

Is it lightweight?

For maximum speed you’ll likely want a bike which has a light frame (as there’s less weight for you to push).

We stock a few variations of lightweight frame materials in our hybrid range which include:

  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Hi-tensile Steel
  • Lightweight Alloy

Essentially, the lighter the frame, the easier it is to pedal.


Unlike road bikes, the handlebars on a hybrid are placed into an upright position. This means that you’ll be positioned on the bike upright too, making it a more comfortable position for long rides.

These kinds of handlebars do compromise your potential for extreme speed compared to a road bike with dropped handlebars. It is very much a case of personal choice and the style of riding that you prefer. If you are all about speed, then it is worth considering a road bike, but if it is utility and multi-terrains that interest you then a Sports Hybrid is the way to go.


The size of the wheels you go for can make quite a difference in your ride quality.

Smaller wheels are nimbler, making it a bit easier to take turns. We’d suggest that if you mostly cycle on roads, then these wheels equipped with thinner tyres would best suit your commute.

On the other hand, if you like the thrill of going fast on off-road trails, then wider tyres would likely suit you better. Remember, the larger surface area and wheel diameter increases your traction and speed in forests – ensuring the best ride possible.

However, if you still want the best of both worlds, then it’s a really simple fix to make your hybrid ready for any kind of terrain by having two sets of tyres. Swapping wheels out is a very simple job, and all it will only take a few minutes (with practice).


Both kinds of brakes work well on a hybrid bike, being V and Disc brakes.

We would suggest, however, that it would be more beneficial for those who like off-roading to opt for disc brakes. This is because they’re more precise in their stopping power, even with a greater mass, making them very beneficial to a cyclist on loose terrain.


Again, like brakes, the importance of this varies depending on what you’ll be doing on your hybrid bike.

We have in our range of hybrid bikes the option to have forks with built-in suspension, and those which do not offer any of these capabilities. A cyclist sticking to the main roads likely wouldn’t have a need for suspension, whilst one who enjoys the bumps and jumps that come from off-roading would need such a feature.

Saddle position

Depending on what sort of saddle your bike comes with, you can adjust the position of yours to suit your cycling style.

To get the most speed out of your hybrid, it is better to position it so that you’ll seat yourself further down the saddle. This aggressive setting makes it easier to put more force down on the peddles and, henceforth, increase your speed.

If going fast isn’t your top priority, then keep the saddle level. This will force your back into an upright position and encourage you to sit up on the bike. But you can still get some good speed in this position on your hybrid bike.

Our top picks for Mens’ Hybrid Bikes

Falcon Urban Sports Hybrid Bike Green

Falcon Urban Sports Hybrid Bike Green

This model is a great starter hybrid bike as it comes with the essential features for a great price.

It is better suited to commuting with its V-Brakes and Hi-tensile steel frame, but does not come with suspension on the forks. You can still enjoy some less intense off-roading, but not as much in comparison to our other hybrid bikes on offer.

 Ammaco Road Runner Pro V Sports Hybrid Silver

Ammaco Road Runner Pro V Sports Hybrid Silver

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this hybrid model in a cool silver and yellow colourway.

Being equipped with zoom front suspension, preinstalled propstand, and a 21 speed gearset, this model is a great pick for those who want a bit more off-roading in their cycling life.

Salcano Istanbul Commuter Hybrid Bike Grey

Salcano Istanbul Commuter Hybrid Bike Grey

Being in the higher end of our mens’ hybrid bike selection, you’ll be able to experience the full braking power of Shimano hydraulic brake discs.

This hybrid is far better suited to the rough terrains of a bike trail, making it the ideal choice should you really want to tear up the racetracks.

Our top picks for Womens Hybrid Bikes

Falcon Urban Low Step Sports Hybrid Bike Orange

Falcon Urban Low Step Sports Hybrid Bike Orange

With the model using high quality trekking tyres, you’ll find that going between terrains won’t require a change of wheels – making your bike very easy to use wherever.

This bike can handle some off-roading, but is mostly designed for simpler rides on flat roads.


2021 GT Transeo Sport Fitness Bike in Blue

2021 GT Transeo Sport Fitness Bike in Blue

Sweep through traffic jams with this sports hybrid option in an electric blue colourway.

Equipped with Shimano gears and a lightweight aluminium frame, you’ll have no problems speeding on flat terrain in addition to some off-roading capabilities.


Salcano Istanbul Commuter Hybrid Bike Cream

Salcano Istanbul Commuter Hybrid Bike Cream

Equipped with lockout suspension and a Shimano hydraulic disc brake system, this is one of our top picks for use on any kind of terrain.

Enjoy 24 speeds and a handy pannier rack in a very attractive cream colour.


Our top picks for Electric Hybrid Bikes

You can, of course, choose to electrify your hybrid bike. Not only would one make your cycling less strenuous, but they also come with other beneficial features.

Lectro Adventurer 26 Inch Wheel Electric Bike Silver Single Gear

Lectro Adventurer 26 Inch Wheel Electric Bike Silver Single Gear

If you need a good first electric bike, then look no further. The Lectro range are excellent value for money, making them a go-to for many cyclists looking for some extra power.

The 250w motor is sure to make your commuting far easier and is hardly noticeable, including the 7AH battery sneakily hidden inside the frame

Dallingridge Malvern 700c Wheel Electric Bike Silver (Womens’ & Mens’)

Dallingridge Malvern 700c Wheel Electric Bike Silver (Womens)Dallingridge Malvern 700c Wheel Electric Bike Silver (Mens)

Get the most out of your bike with the Dallingridge electric hybrid range. These models can achieve up to an impressive 50 miles of electric assistance, and with it’s Suntour suspension, you’ll have a blast on all kinds of terrain.

They have a very quick charge time of 4-6 hours, as well as coming equipped with pannier racks and mudguards, they’re certainly a worthwhile investment for all your commuting and off-roading needs.

Frappe FSD M800i 700c Wheel Electric Bike Aqua Blue

Frappe FSD M800i 700c Wheel Electric Bike Aqua Blue

Our Frappe hybrid electric bike has the added bonus of having front and rear lights installed into the frame, and powered by the battery pack.

This bike also comes with a hydraulic brake system which is bound to improve your safety whilst out on the road or doing some gentle off-roading.

Accessories for Hybrid Bikes

Some of our hybrid bikes do some with accessories fitted already, but for those that haven’t, these ones are definitely worth considering.


Even if you’re not cycling on dirt tracks, you can still pick up mud and dirt on your clothes. Installing some mudguards onto your hybrid is a very good idea, as you wouldn’t want to get your smart work clothes dirty whilst commuting.


These aren’t quite as useful for off-roading, but for general bike riding they’re a very handy addition.

Instead of balancing a heavy backpack, or even shopping bags in your hands whilst cycling (something you should never do), strapping them securely on a pannier rack is sure to save you some aggravation.


These are a legal requirement when riding at night time, so should be fitted onto your bike if you’re commuting to and from work during the winter time.

Some of our e-bikes actually come with them integrated into the bike, but for most cases a standard set is sure to do the job.

If you’re now in the mindset to make your brand new bike purchase a hybrid, then feel free to browse our whole selection here. In addition, you can pop into any of our 23 stores across the midlands and south – our expert staff will be happy to help you find the hybrid of your dreams!