Summer Cycling – watch our Sky TV Ad

Aug 23, 2022

This year, Cycle King & Hawk Cycles launched our first ever TV advert, which was featured on SkyTV. It’s all about getting out on a cycling adventure with your “mini me” or family member this summer. Watch below:

Is your child your ‘mini me’ ? 

Do you think of your kids like a little version of you? Do they copy your every move? Dress the same and constantly look up to you? Take a look at our recent ad for #minime inspiration.

We would love to see what you and your #minime get up to this summer, so be sure to tag @cyclekinguk in your Facebook and Instagram posts and use the hashtag #minime.

Take a look at some of our matching kids and adult bikes to get Mini-me ready:

Ammaco Osprey V1 Mountain Bike Orange


This bike comes in a variety of sizes (from 16 inch to 23-inch frames) which makes it a great mini me bike. In the ad, our cool mountain biking Grandad and Granddaughter were having all the fun in the world, covered in mud, and so could your family. For a similar kid’s bike,

Ammaco Classique Dutch Lifestyle Bike Purple


This fabulous Mum and daughter duo were riding this bike with style. A Classique bike is perfect for a leisurely ride through the park and has a convenient front basket, perfect for putting a picnic in if you fancy it. Available in an 16″ or 19″ frame, suitable for teenagers and adults.

Summer Cycling Adventures

Summer is officially here, and we’re all for going outdoors with the family. Whether you’ve managed to get lots of plans booked in or still doing your ‘fun activities to do during the summer holidays’ research, we’ve got you covered. At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we’ve got a few points to cover on why you should enjoy a summer adventure – so let’s delve straight into it.

Children love the outdoors

Cast your mind back to when you were little; all the fun times you had on your bike. Whilst children of this generation have a lot more screen time, they still love to cycle around and breathe fresh air. Especially since lockdown, we’ve come to appreciate the freedom of going out, and so have the kids. Instead of another summer of being cooped up, a fantastic change of pace may consist of taking the family on a bike ride adventure this summer.

Benefits of a family bike ride

With the lovely weather we are fortunate to have had recently, it’s always worth stepping outdoors to enjoy it. Taking the family out on an epic bike adventure is sure to be a day to remember (and maybe even a highlight of the kids’ summer holiday). Not only is it really fun, but a big family bike ride is also great for a whole host of health reasons.

Go somewhere new and experience something different

A switch of scenery from what your children are used to can be highly beneficial to understand the world around them. And for adults, it’s also nice to go out and experience something out of the ordinary.

Quality time spent together

Whilst cycling through muddy paths or picturesque countryside, the time you all spend having fun is sure to make you grow stronger bonds. Having a bit more quality time is sure to put a smile on the children’s’ faces and ultimately give them some good times to remember.

Build up your child’s confidence

Finally, whether they’ve just come off training wheels or are getting the hang of it, taking your kids out on a ride is a definite way of improving their abilities. The more time spent riding the better, as their experiences of cycling will help them evolve into well-traversed cyclists.

Ammaco BMX helmet & Axis Knee and Elbow pads


If you and your kids are daredevils, then perhaps some time at the skatepark is more your thing. If you’re anything like our Grandma and Grandson on their BMXs, then you’ll need some extra protection. These helmets and pads are a great way of reducing the chances of bumps and bruises.