E-bikes, a buyer’s guide

Apr 27, 2022

E-bikes are a good way of keeping in shape and are really good fun. At Cycle King, we understand our large variety to choose from can be a bit daunting for a first-time buyer – but fear not, we have compiled a quick guide to help you get the right one for your needs. Take a look at what your shiny new E-bike could look like today.

Benefits of an E-bike
Longer rides
A fully charged battery enables you to ride on far longer, thanks to motor assistance. The added assistance makes a huge difference to those who don’t have as much mobility today as the days they were on training wheels.

Alternative transport
Instead of going out in the car, taking your E-bike means not only a saving in cost but also a way to reduce your impact on the environment. We find that people enjoy taking in the scenery on their way to the shop on an E-bike, something that’s quite hard to appreciate on a cramped bus or train.

Which Electric Bike is suitable for you?
First thing you should know is that there isn’t just one kind of E-bike. Here are several brands and models we recommend.

Lectro offer a few variations of E-bikes that suit any rider. The Suburban, fantastic for commuting, the Adventurer, perfect for exploring country roads, and the Summit, designed with mountain biking in mind. With their lower price point, they make very good entry level E-bike.


Ampere and Wisper
Perhaps your busy commuter life means that you need a bike that compacts down. A folding bike would be great, and even better if it was electric. The Wisper 806 20” Folding Electric Bike and Ampere Mode Folding Electric Bike are some models that we recommend for the busiest of workers that need some help after a long day in the office.


Battery is just as important
You have the bike, now you need to know how large a battery you need. Before buying, take a look at what options are available for the bike you like. Understand their mileages on a full-charge in the product description and go from there.

Of course, spending £1000+ on a new E-bike is quite the investment but it’s one we’re sure you won’t regret making. For more advice, why not visit your local store and explore the E-bikes we offer.